At the moment

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At the moment I am

reading ::: Just Kids by Patti Smith. A brilliant snapshot of the art scene in 1970s New York in the 1970s – absolutely fascinating.

listening ::: I’m very late to discover the Fleet Foxes but I’m LOVING THEM, especially this song.

making ::: tasty, tasty sourdough using starter given to me by a dear friend who’s had it for years and using this recipe.

watching ::: my middle boy grow up so damn fast having just made the transition from the ‘togglers’ (read: toddler’s) room to the preschool room at daycare.

hearing ::: the ‘bah-bah-bah’ yell of my baby. I do so love baby talk.

loving ::: the fact that I know longer feel totally under the weather. I now feel I can actually face each day which is sweet relief.

eating ::: too much cake, including this one.

celebrating ::: my dear husband’s birthday with his absolute favourite, ice cream cake.

enjoying ::: a rare night out to celebrate said birthday with a lot of sushi, jazz and cold white wine.

stressing ::: we are completely involved in whole house buying, house selling business and it’s so awfully stressful. I will be so glad when it’s over. I can’t bear this level of stress and I’m doing what I can to combat it. Bottom line is, I have my family wherever that may be. We are not defined by the roof over our heads.

drinking ::: a lovely shiraz grenache to cope with above mentioned stress. Oh and enjoying this lovely Blue Mountain tea in the afternoon with above mentioned cake.

wearing ::: my huge ski jacket every day as I walk the Abomb to school.

missing ::: my ma. She’s away overseas and everyday, I find myself wanting to talk to her.

anticipating ::: an amazing creative project with a friend of mine that will see this blog transformed. Can’t wait.

What are you up to this week? I’d love to hear what things stand out for you at the moment.

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